iPlug I-03 Smart Door Lock | 5 way unlock | Fingerprint | App Unlock


1. 360° Fingerprint, Wifi (APP ), Password, RFID card, Mechanical
2. Compatible with various mortise to fit 99% of doors. Lock body: 6068 Multi
3. Uniquely stylish thin panel, it can fit most wooden doors. Tempered glass
Panel, outside frame is Aluminum alloy.
4. One-Touch-Access Biometric Fingerprint sensor on the reader.
5. Strong and secure Aluminum alloy lock panel, anti-corrosion and sturdy.
6. Back-up USB external power supply interface, in case the power is dead.
7. Freely reversible handle, support to change the direction of door lock handle
installation left or right.
8. Upgraded structure with waterproof rubber, which could be use for the
outside gate.

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iPlug I-03 Smart door lock is a smart fingerprint lock . It not only has 6 major advanced features
9 Advanced Functions
WiFi Unlock, phone APP remotely control,No gateway required Fingerprint Unlock, 0.3 second fast to unlock Password Unlock, Virtual Password Anti-peeping Unlock Supported Card Unlock, Encrypted Smart IC Card Key Unlock, hidden backup metal key Mechanical keys and emergency power supply (USB) can be used when the door lock is out of power Peephole Monitoring, Photo Capture
Semiconductor Fingerprint to Lock
Adopt living fingerprint recognition technology, improve the accuracy of fingerprint recognition, reject fake fingerprints, and have higher security Fingerprint recognition speed≤0.3s Error rate≤0.1% Fingerprint false recognition rate≤0.001%
When doorbell rings, your phone will receive the request to unlock the lock, you can remote unlock in the APP.
1. Connect to the wifi direct, not need any gateway.
2. Unlock remotely by phone APP.
3. Get the unlock record when someone open the lock.
4. Make the temporary password / timed password in APP


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